Light-On Centre of Excellence
Showroom for LED-Lighting, optimal installation solutions and consultancy.

Welcome to the Light-On Centre of Excellence, Switzerland

Here we display the latest LED lighting, reflectors, mounting and installation solutions for you in our showroom in Zollikon. We will soon also offer the opportunity to register online as a member, enabling access to many benefits including to our download area and to receive regular updates on innovative technical solutions and lighting developments.

Our vision:


With our new Light-On Centre of Excellence we offer customers, architects and planners a unique opportunity to discover more about innovative lighting solutions and to experience them first hand on site in Zollikon. As a local co-operation partner of the innovative companies LED Linear and Bartenbach Lichtplanung, we will be showing a wide range of their latest products including LED luminaires, reflectors and lenses.

On display:


The latest products as they become available:

  • innovative LED luminaire models from LED Linear, such as (currently) Ultima-S, Xooline, Flex-Strips etc.
  • Reflectors and lenses from Bartenbach Lichtplanung
  • A selection of recessed profiles and mounting solutions for all surfaces
  • Spotlights and special luminaires from Artluce, Monolicht, Formalighting, Illuxtron, IP44 etc.

Our promise:


We offer the unique possibility to inspect and compare numerous original sample working lights, reflectors and lenses first hand and to benefit from our many years of experience and comprehensive technical expertise as lighting planners. We are happy to advise on installation options and, with the profiles on display, we can recreate almost any installation solution on site. We can also work with you to develop your own, customised solution.

Your partner for digitalised lighting and building control systems:


Increasingly, a wide variety of programmable building control systems are being used for lighting fixtures eg. Bus, IP, PLC and radio control systems. We have the expertise to engage with technicians, programmers and specialist planners on an equal footing and to develop integrated projects and/or sector-specific solutions.