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Chalet Davos

For a chalet in the mountains, LIGHT ON developed and implemented a unique, comprehensive lighting concept in which the innovative, high-performance Ultima-S, with nano-lens technology, was used on a grand scale exploring the versatility of the system. From the miniature luminaries, effectively staging the stairs and banisters to the kitchen work spaces, which are highlighted with pinpoint accuracy and the walls which are evenly lit using glare-free reflectors and LFO lenses, the Ultima-S system offers endless possibilities.

The magnificent chandeliers in the entrance hall are a LIGHT ON special development.
Even in the garage, a highlight awaits. Here LIGHT ON achieved the largest Ultima-S backlit display to date: over nine metres wide and almost two metres high, it is not just a decorative feature: It also provides a diffuse background lighting for the garage that is supplemented by recessed down-lights and wall-washers.


Carlo Crameri Architekten



Project year

2019 - 2021