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Flagshipstore Q36.5

High-tech lighting meets high-tech sportswear.

Q36.5 is one of the most innovative international manufacturers of high-performance, stylish cycling clothing. Their unique, flagship retail store in Zurich offers customers the opportunity to try equipment out for themselves, pushing boundaries of what was once thought possible for an enhanced, high-performance ride, creating memorable in-store experiences.

We contribute to this experience with our equally minimal and high-tech lighting:

With its outstanding colour rendition, shadow-free homogenous light and precise glare-control the Ultima-S nano-luminaires illuminate clothing as if under natural light. The diminutive lighting strips, combining both warm and cooler white light, blend unobtrusively into all corners of the store, subtly highlighting the collections while the nano-technology in the LED cells allows ample power to also spotlight features. For the first time we pared down the end-caps of each lighting strip still further here to ensure a seamless lighting effect, mirroring the radically essentialist cut and style of the products themselves.


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