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Frauenmünster Church - Zurich

LIGHT ON was contracted with the renewal of the basic lighting of the interior of this church, which is also a listed building. The intensity of the lighting in the area of the choir was increased, while the organ loft and intersection gained separate orchestral lighting. For this purpose, LIGHT ON completed a sophisticated restoration of the original historic lights.

Since the lights had been kept in a poor condition for many years, the damaged original glass fittings were replaced with reconstructions which are almost impossible to differentiate from the originals. Mechanical parts such as the screws and threads were also recreated true to the original design. New lights were designed for the nave with the famous Chagall windows. One of the windows, which is not illuminated with daylight, was also backlit with artificial light. A special control system ensures that – depending on the level of daylight – the correct light value is set.


Architekturbüro Peter Fässler

Project year

2020 & 2005