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Heuställi - Hotel Schraemli's

LIGHT ON developed a light concept for the hay barn which the Alpine hotel Lengmatta designed as a fondue hut in order to make the small rooms appear larger. Reconstructed wooden lanterns with indirect and direct light make the room’s ceiling seem higher, illuminate the beautiful wooden gable roof and provide an atmospheric light at the tables with their downward directed light.

Thanks to the smooth dimming function, a variety of different types of atmosphere can be created. Back-lit pictures with black and white landscape motifs seem almost like windows to another time thanks to the old picture motifs. The stairs leading down to the bathrooms are perfectly illuminated with the indirect lighting. Indirect lighting also ensures the perfect illumination on the stairs to the bathrooms, the bathroom doors and mirrors, while also creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.


Martin Stöhr, Davos

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