Welcome to the project MITTIM Pedestrian Underpass - Wallisellen

MITTIM Pedestrian Underpass - Wallisellen

The underpass, which is part of the extensive Mittim complex, connects two parts of the municipality, as well as the railway station platforms with the new bus station. With its lighting design, LIGHT ON attributed considerable value to ensuring that the pedestrian underpass was lit with above-average brightness.

With almost 500 Lux, the entrances and exits to and from the railway station platforms are the most brightly lit areas, and even at night, it seems as if the underpass is flooded with daylight. Three linear strips of light on the concrete ceiling follow the course of the underpass and highlight its material design. The floor is illuminated with line array lights which are fitted in the walls and feature a special prism; the illumination is even, strong and glare-free. The ceiling lights are also equipped according to this pattern, and designed so that the lamps can be replaced quickly and easily.


CH-Architekten AG, Wallisellen


Hänsele Immokonzepte AG, Effretikon

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