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Panta Rhei - Lake of Zurich Shipping Company

LIGHT ON was commissioned to refurbish the LED exterior lighting of the Panta Rhei, the flagship of the Lake of Zurich Shipping Company. LIGHT ON used a flexible, high-quality IP68 strip that was made to measure. The profile was specially bent. The tape can be pressed into the profile without much effort and can be easily replaced in case of any failures. In addition to the fine performance and high-quality workmanship, it has the great advantage that captains are no longer dazzled by it.

Due to the diffused band, no LED dots are visible any more. From a distance, it looks like a neon band, with a beautiful, clearly visible line of light. The RGB ribbon has a power of only 10 watts per metre. With a total length of 355 metres, this results in a system power of +/- 3.9 kilowatts. However, the entire power is rarely needed, as not all colours run at the same time.


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