Welcome to the project Privat Home Zurich - 2011

Privat Home Zurich - 2011

During the conversion of this stylish villa, LIGHT ON used a lighting concept which works with the lowest installation depths and guarantees an understated and yet optimum lighting of the reduced and very finely reconfigured new interior area.

Thanks to slots of light along the walls of the stairwell which brighten the floor and the ceiling, the narrow stairwell appears wider and higher. Linear slots of light in the ceiling visually extend the attic windows. The built-in furnishings are fitted with indirect LED lighting. Without visual light sources, the open shelving and bathroom furnishings gain in depth, and the walls are brightened extensively. LED lights with lens technology and a 13 Watt connected load are used outdoors. The garden walls, which are highlighted with strip lighting, make the dimensions of the external area visible.


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