Welcome to the project Private Home Zurich - 2013

Private Home Zurich - 2013

This modern detached family house features two highlights which proved to be a particular challenge in terms of the lighting: the centrepiece of the house is an 8 metre high water wall which passes through all storeys.

To visually underline the effect of the gently flowing water, LIGHT ON used two complementary lighting systems: LED spotlights with sophisticated lens technology positioned on each side enable the water flowing over the natural stone to appear sculptural. From above and below, LED strips in stainless steel profiles light the wall with linear rays of light.

LIGHT ON developed a no less sophisticated solution for the bar from onyx stone. To lend the brightly coloured and translucent stone the optimum effect, the entire bar was backlit with LED strips.


Weisser Architektur & Bau AG, Zollikon

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