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Tivoli - interior lighting

Through the connection via an internal bridge, the Shoppi Spreitenbach and Tivoli shopping centres were to gain a new and attractive appearance. LIGHT ON won the order for the development and implementation of the lighting concept in this large project which had a total surface area of 40,000 m2 In addition to the lighting plans, LIGHT ON provided all of the detailed drawings, the light calculations and the tender for the general contractor.

The highlight is an ingenious light ceiling with a diameter of 17 meters in the centre of the mall: during the day, daylight falls directly into the shopping centre and gives the visitor the impression of a natural environment. When it’s dark, the light ceiling shines in differing lighting moods which are created by fluorescent lights with colour filters. They enable 13 colours and daylight to be simulated.


Shoppi Tivoli Management AG, Spreitenbach


TK Architekten AG, Zürich


Daniel Kessler, Zürich, rs fotografie

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