Welcome to the project Wasserkirche "Water Church" - Zurich

Wasserkirche "Water Church" - Zurich

The varied use as a location for concerts, exhibitions, as a meditation centre, for weddings, funerals and church services were decisive for the individual and highly flexible lighting concept from LIGHT ON.

In collaboration with the designer Frédéric Dedelley, a special light was developed which incorporates the clear design language of the interior design and the architecture of the church and which is aligned to the different uses. The three-unit lens luminaires which are fitted with differing lamps (2 x halogen lamps, 1 x halogen metal halide lamp with 70 Watts) are positioned underneath the arches, and through the individual controlling of every lens unit and the step-free dimming of every lens head, enable a wide range of lighting moods.


Frédéric Dedelley

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