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Zwingli Church - Winterthur

After many years of service, the historically listed luminaires of the Zwingli Church had to be modernised in terms of lamp technology.

The lamps for the suspension and wall-mounted lights weren’t available anywhere. In addition, neither the characteristics nor the temperature of 2700K of the light were allowed to suffer changes. Due to these challenging requirements, all lamps had to be replaced, and several glass pieces had to be re-manufactured. The thermodynamics had to be re-evaluated again in addition to this.

The former installation featured simple light bulbs fitted with a reflector mounted inside the ceiling. Unfortunately, the light did not satisfactorily reach the bottom. LIGHT ON approached this problem with a custom-made LED-Lamp with an incorporated lens and adjustable scattering angle. The 12 meter height was no problem anymore, the floor was now illuminated. The new lighting concept is also suitable for concerts now.

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